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About liv3D Youth

Liv3D is about inspiring students to live a Deliberately, Daring and Determined life on purpose.

It is a fun student-centered atmosphere encouraging character growth in students who seek to lead a more balanced life. We fill in the gap for in social awareness, spiritual mindfulness, and career skill-based learning.


Social Awareness


Spiritual Mindfulness


Career skill-based learning

Our mission

Acknowledge your worth, recognize your vision, and never lose your sense of wonder – Ps. 71:7

Our vision

The student community we are striving to cultivate is one who is empowered to confidently take hold of their future as their life unfolds. Our youth group fills the gap of spiritual, mental and social hunger for change. Its been said that Change is inevitable but growth is optional. Our intentions are to help secondary school students retrain their mind and educate their heart with Godly inspired principles to reveal the person He created them to be.

Our story

My wife and I love seeing students grow and define themselves by God’s unique character designed for them. Unfortunately, social and societal changes don’t always agree with raising our young ones right. In the winter of 2022, God inspired us with a vision, to help students bolster transformation in their lives. Since then we have watch groups of students rekindle a strong passion for the life they aspire to live.

How we operate


Our vision is only as strong as our values.


01. Lay it on the line

Be honest with yourself about who you are. The world deserves your gifts

02. Respect the journey

Be present where you are. You are exactly where you should be

03. Be open to wonder

Asks meaningful questions and be creative in the space you occupy

04. Give to discover

The hard work we give of ourselves is for a higher purpose. It is more rewarding to give of our light shining than to receive

05. Dive on purpose

Be intentional about your goals, no one else will

06. Climb together

Cultivate positive relationships. Life is not meant to be done alone.

07. Seek Peace

Find the right tools to sharpen your focus and consistency

08. Power-up

Rely on your strengths & courage, then put the process on repeat

Meet Our Leaders

Dominie Dwyer

Youth Director

I am Jamaican born, Spiritual wellness coach, athletic coach and creator of Liv3D Youth. I have always had a love to see students in our society illuminate the world with their God-given potential. I truly do believe we all have a divine power that we’ve been given to overcome the challenges within our world.

Keren Dwyer

Co-Youth Director

Jamaican born as well, reader, blogger and co-creator of Liv3D Youth. I believe that each season in our life is a chapter being written in our own personal legend. My husband and I are passionate about helping students pen God’s unique design for their life.

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